What is Mobile Compability?
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Local businesses need to be found and their site mobile optimized for cell phones and tablets like the iPhone and iPad.

Your existing website is too hard to read, navigate on a cell phone and if it has Flash technology of any kind, it is useless on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

You must make content and websites that work everywhere or you will miss out.

We solved the mobile problem and build  it in a way so you stay in control.
Don’t be held hostage by a web master for mobile!¬† Call us today to get more details even if you have a website you love, you still need a mobile website and we can work together.

Get more information by testing your site here and learning more This is research and diagnostic tool from Google.


You must be mobile now to be ready for the next internet wave, Apple and Google are not in a recession, maybe they know things we don’t and should pay attention before we get left behind from those who follow their lead!